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Shahid and Kareena are coming together
Shahid and Kareena are coming together 02 September 2010
It is learnt that Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor delaying the release of Boney Kapoor’s ‘Milenge Milenge’ that was launched when they were a couple in 2006. The film, which was launched with m ... Read More
Priyanka Chopra\'s grandfather dies
Priyanka Chopra\'s grandfather dies 02 September 2010
Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra\'s maternal grandfather Manohar Kishan Akhouri died of brain haemorrhage Wednesday, the actress Thursday tweeted on a social networking site. \"Lost my nana (grandfather ... Read More
Katrina Kaif thanks Salman Khan
Katrina Kaif thanks Salman Khan 02 September 2010
Katrina Kaif owes her career to the ‘Khan\'daan; a fact she recently woke up to. And such was her realization that she didn\'t mind thanking the Khan family and specially Salman Khan for making what ... Read More
Rani Mukerji to step out of YRF with a hard-hitting role
Rani Mukerji to step out of YRF with a hard-hitting role 02 September 2010
Having won the approval of the Chopra clan, dusky beauty Rani Mukerji is finally feeling secure enough to sign movies outside the Yash Raj Films banner. The stunner is stepping out of her comfort zone ... Read More
नम्रता श्रेष्ठ सिङगापुर तर्फ
नम्रता श्रेष्ठ सिङगापुर तर्फ 02 September 2010
अश्लिल चलचित्रका कारण बिवादमा पर्नु भएकि नायीका नम्रता श्रेष्ठ सिङगापुर ज ... Read More
Housefull in April
Housefull in April 02 September 2010
It’s for sure, people! Sajid Khan’s much-awaited comedy ‘Housefull’ is coming this summer on April 30th. Now, this film, which was earlier expected to release in May, won’t be a competition ... Read More
After 3 IDIOTS it\'s 3 LOSERS
02 September 2010
After the super success of the film 3 IDIOTS, it\'s time for 3 LOSERS. Yes, we are talking about the upcoming film which is being directed by Indra Kumar of MASTI and DHAMAAL fame. The film will star ... Read More
Double Oscar-winner A R Rahman turns 44
Double Oscar-winner A R Rahman turns 44 02 September 2010
Double Oscar-winner A R Rahman is looking forward to bring home his maiden Grammy award as he turns 44. The composer who won two Grammy nominations for his soundtrack from \"Slumdog Millionaire\", has ... Read More
I\'m not getting married to anyone: Genelia
I\'m not getting married to anyone: Genelia 02 September 2010
Genelia D\'Souza is upset with rumours of her wedding with actor Riteish Deshmukh. The actress says she isn\'t getting married to anyone for the time being. \"To set the record straight, I am not gett ... Read More
योगिता बनिन् मिस नेवाः
योगिता बनिन् मिस नेवाः 07 September 2009
यस वर्षको ‘मिस नेवाः\'को उपाधि योगिता श्रेष्ठले जितेकी छिन्। एअरहोस्टेज बन ... Read More
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